This web page aims to contain all the relevant stuff for the Python Geeks.

The “Syllabus” is:

1st Part: The Environment.
Introduction to computing.
Introduction to operating systems and Linux.
The command line.

For this part, Mac users do not need anything extra. Windows user need to install Cygwin.

2nd part: Basics of Programming
Introduction to programming.
– Introduction to Python and first hello world.
– Introduction to the IDE (testing, debugging and execution of programs).
– Basic data types.
– Control flow.
– Complex data types.
– Functions.
– Files

3rd Part: Medium Programming
– Common libraries.
– Text interface and arguments.
– Modules.
– Version control with git.
– Objects (at least 2 or 3 weeks).
– Interesting data structures: hash tables, trees, dictionaries.

4th part (this part is to check what extras you want to learn)
– Managing data (pandas).
– Grafical User interface – Model view control (at least 2 weeks).
– Networks (with an intro about how the internet works).
– Parallelism.
– Managing Excel with Python.